Open Your Ears. Open Your Heart. Open Your World. Hear Zoe’s Story.

Here are the guidelines set forth for sharing this film, obtained from the webpage of Nathanael Matanick, co creator of ReMoved:

“We made ReMoved with the desire that it would be used to serve in bringing awareness, encourage, and be useful in foster parent training, and raising up foster parents. If you would like to use the film for any of these reasons, the answer is yes. If you need a downloadable version, you can get the license to you it and the download here:” 

So feel free to share this on social media to foster “noise” for kids in care!



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Liz Hunter

Liz is a Social Worker, Foster Alum, Adoptee, Foster & Adoptive Parent, Writer, & Public Speaker. She is currently in the process of publishing a memoir, chronicling her 15 year journey to adoption and the 7 years she spent in the American foster care system. Her degree specializations are Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, & Criminal Justice. She founded Foster Noise/Adopt Peace in hopes of creating a forum to elevate the voices of the real life heroes and survivors of the foster care system.


  • Amy Munie says:

    Thank you for sharing this story, Beth!!! Truly an eyeoening story.

    • Liz Hunter Beth Hunter says:

      ReMoved is unparalleled in its power of exposing a truth that is difficult to grasp without such a haunting visual. Zoe’s story imprints on the fabric of your heart and changes the way you see and respond to every hurt child thereafter. Thanks for taking the time to meet her!

  • Ralynne Case says:

    Beth, is this your story? It sounds familiar to yours. Love seeing the face behind the story!

    • Liz Hunter Beth Hunter says:

      It’s not based on my story, Ralynne, but the resemblance is uncanny isn’t it? I certainly felt as if they had reached into my heart and displayed it on screen!

  • Ann Marie says:

    This video brought me to tears!! Incredible story of strength, and perfectly displayed in the video. Thank you for sharing! You’re an amazing gift!

    • Liz Hunter Beth Hunter says:

      Zoe’s story has revolutionized our ability to peek into a reality that many have never seen exist. The creators of this video have earned immeasurable respect from me for their bravery in stepping outside the comfort of their world and constructing this window into the hearts of America’s unheard youth! I also tip my hat to those like you, Ann Marie, who are brave enough to join them there!

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