Mrs. Crabtree and the Bridge to Success

All those years ago, as I rested my head to sleep in the backseat of a freezing cold car, I could never have imagined that I would be sitting where … Continue Reading →

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Guest Bedrooms & Broken Dreams: A Letter to Foster Parents About Welcoming Your Child

Our kids in foster care often find themselves growing up in a series of guest bedrooms. They walk into your home, unload their box or trash bag of measly items, … Continue Reading →

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The Scents of My Past: A Letter to Foster Parents

The scents of our past often haunt us, bringing a barrage of memories that flood out all reason and logic. A familiar smell has the power to render us useless … Continue Reading →

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Letter to Adoptive Parents

This is the face of a REAL child of the system. This child is ME! At the age of 8, I entered the foster care system after living those early … Continue Reading →