About Liz Hunter

When we are blessed with the gift of finding purpose behind our sorrow, I believe we are called to give that same gift to others. This is exactly what I have done with my life! My sorrow began the day that I was born into an abusive and neglectful family.

I lived eight years under this oppression before entering the foster care system. Over the next two years, I would move through seven foster homes, before landing in what would eventually become my permanent family. After five years of fostering, this family sealed the deal and adopted me at the age of 15!

After my adoption, I began to flourish. I wound up graduating Valedictorian of my high school and Summa Cum Laude of my college. I married the best guy a girl could ask for- one who resembled the man who chose to make himself my father, rather than the man who chose to leave. In this process of becoming healthy, it became clear to me that I had come through my battle victorious for a reason and this reason was something I could not deny or ignore.

I knew that I was to use everything I had learned during the war to help reduce the casualties for future generations.  I began to pursue all the knowledge I could to better help me understand and prepare to fight this battle for kids just like me. One door after another opened to assure me that this was my path and my purpose.

Over the next several years, I found myself the mother of four children, two of whom were born naturally to me and two of whom I adopted through foster care. I engaged firsthand in the challenge of discovering what it was like to care for a severely wounded child like myself. I developed the voice of both my child self, Lizzy, and all the people who had ever been brave enough to open their hearts to her.

In 2012, I was recruited by the Department of Children and Family Services to train
foster/adoptive parents. Since then, I have been using Lizzy’s story to bring noise to the largely misunderstood experience of foster care. Lizzy’s story calls all foster children, adopted children, foster parents, adoptive parents, child welfare workers, lawmakers, birth parents, concerned citizens, and anyone who knows this reality could have easily been their own… to UNITE! It shows us that- with help and a little kindness- even those of us from the most broken past can piece ourselves back together again.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Liz Hunter (~Lizzy)

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