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Which one is your real son?

Where is your real mother?

Is that your real sister?

Are they your real parents?


As foster/adoptive/step parents and children, we have heard these words one too many times. The insult is usually unintentional. The interrogator likely doesn’t mean to imply that your present relationships are less than, but their careless choice of words leaves you feeling kind of funny. Pay attention to your heart for just a moment. What is it you feel? Alienated? Devalued? Inhuman?  As a former youth in care and a foster/adoptive parent, I know the sting. Whether you stop and acknowledge it or not, it darkens your perception of yourself. It diminishes the importance of the role you play in someone else’s life.

It is time for those of us who are touched by any alternative to the biological parent/child relationship to step us and claim our “REALNESS.” We must show the world the depth and integrity involved in loving beyond borders. We need to let people know that many of our kids’ most meaningful relationships are with those people who show up for them day after day, whether that be birth or alternative parents. Mostly, we need to make it clear that all children- no matter where they come from- are wholly human and 100 PERCENT REAL. They deserve to be treated as such in EVERY circumstance.

Help me launch a campaign to inform the world!

Post a tribute to a child, parent, or sibling that you have chosen to “love beyond borders,” using the following hashtag:



*You can either post your story on my fb page Foster Noise/Adopt Peace or on your personal social media sites.*

Make the hashtag even more personal by specifying the nature of your relationship. For instance…

#100PercentReal Child, #100PercentReal Mother, #100PercentReal Parents, etc.

The whole point is to let the world know that the ones you love are fully and completely REAL to you!






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Liz Hunter

Liz is a Social Worker, Foster Alum, Adoptee, Foster & Adoptive Parent, Writer, & Public Speaker. She is currently in the process of publishing a memoir, chronicling her 15 year journey to adoption and the 7 years she spent in the American foster care system. Her degree specializations are Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, & Criminal Justice. She founded Foster Noise/Adopt Peace in hopes of creating a forum to elevate the voices of the real life heroes and survivors of the foster care system.


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