How Do I Get the Good Kids

How Do I Get the Good Kids? Receiving My Perfectly Imperfect Foster Care Gift

                  I have been asked this question many times over the years in my work as a foster parent trainer and child … Continue Reading →

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The Wind in My Ears

It was about 1:00 on Thursday afternoon when we got an email from our adoption attorney. How does 2:30 tomorrow sound for your adoption? It was like wind rushing in … Continue Reading →


Mrs. Crabtree and the Bridge to Success

All those years ago, as I rested my head to sleep in the backseat of a freezing cold car, I could never have imagined that I would be sitting where … Continue Reading →

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  Which one is your real son? Where is your real mother? Is that your real sister? Are they your real parents?   As foster/adoptive/step parents and children, we have heard … Continue Reading →

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Guest Bedrooms & Broken Dreams: A Letter to Foster Parents About Welcoming Your Child

Our kids in foster care often find themselves growing up in a series of guest bedrooms. They walk into your home, unload their box or trash bag of measly items, … Continue Reading →

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The REAL Truth About Foster Parents…

They are AMAZING! Trust me, I know! I work with these people, I have been cared for by these people, and I have been one of these people. They are, … Continue Reading →

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Letter to Youth in Foster Care or Any Hurting Human: Try Stepping Off The Tracks!

That shrill whistle of a speeding train blows and children come running. They stop short of danger to appreciate from a distance the magnitude of that aggressive force barreling down upon them. … Continue Reading →

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The Scents of My Past: A Letter to Foster Parents

The scents of our past often haunt us, bringing a barrage of memories that flood out all reason and logic. A familiar smell has the power to render us useless … Continue Reading →

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Open Your Ears. Open Your Heart. Open Your World. Hear Zoe’s Story.

Here are the guidelines set forth for sharing this film, obtained from the webpage of Nathanael Matanick, co creator of ReMoved: “We made ReMoved with the desire that it would … Continue Reading →

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Letter to Adoptive Parents

This is the face of a REAL child of the system. This child is ME! At the age of 8, I entered the foster care system after living those early … Continue Reading →